I am an young ambitious multi-disciplinary Urban Designer from The Netherlands. Since my early years I have been drawing a lot and I was fascinating about cities.

After seven years of study, I graduated and earned my title Bachelor of Building Environment. Cities and designing are my driving passion. Personally, I love the opportunities to work across multiple disciplines and trying new things. While working with a selection of different creative and graphic programs I have been constantly striving to improve my skills.

Next to my study in becoming an urban planner I am a young photographer. My interest nowadays is comprised out of two elements in which I have specialized himself: One being the architecture, because of my urban development study. The other one being cars. My love for cars started at a very early age and has been with me ever since. This love for cars and interest in photography allowed me to combine the two into car photography. For this kind of photography I often visits events and racetracks with the Nürburgring being at the top of the list.